Exporting your data

The information stored in the KDQOL Complete can be very useful for keeping tabs on your patients. We have developed a way for you to save the tabular data you see on the Patients and Surveys tabs (and Users tabs for account administrators). This allows you to save data the way you find it most helpful, in a format that is useful.

How does "Export" work?

You have the ability to filter the data you see in the tables, and to select particular information about a subset of your patients. You can also sort the data in the table by clicking on the column headers. (Sorting works either alphabetically or reverse-alphabetically.) These powerful filtering and sorting tools are extremely useful for finding specific in which you are interested.


Once you have obtained the information you want, you can click the "Export" button underneath the table to generate a comma-delimited file that can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs. After you've opened your data file in Excel, you can then use Excel to analyze your data even further.

How is this feature used?

Just some of the ways to use this feature include how to:
- create a list of patients whose scores may be lower than desired - present data in a meeting - keep track of patients who need surveys - list patients who have refused surveys - generate a list of users who have access to your account (account administrators only)

As always, please contact KDQOL Complete Support using the link above if you have further questions.