How to add a new survey

To add a new survey, log into KDQOL Complete. First, you should check to see if that patient already exists in the system to avoid duplication errors and data skewing. (Entering a patient twice will skew data and won't allow you to compare survey data.) To check to see if the patient already exists, click on the Patients tab and then Search -> Last Name. Type the first few letters of the patient's last name and hit Apply. If the patient is in the system, click on his name to go to his patient record. If not, then proceed to create a new patient.

Once you're on the patient record, you can add a new survey by clicking on Record a survey. You'll need to make sure that you enter the date that the survey was given and the responses for each question. You'll notice that the patient's demographic information is automatically entered for you based on the previous survey. If the patient has changed modalities since the previous survey, you can edit that here, and it will update the patient record automatically. (NOTE: dialysis modality is stored in the survey record and not on the patient record so that changes in modality are accurately recorded and maintained over time.)